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2023-2024 Teachers of the Year

Heather Koschik

With 25 years of dedicated service at Kelseyville Unified School District, Mrs. Heather Koschik has proven her commitment to both the academic success and personal growth of her students. Her classroom is a hub of creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, providing a dynamic learning environment where students thrive. 

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Jennifer Johnson

With nearly 20 years of dedication to teaching second grade at Pomo Elementary School, Ms. Jenny Johnson has a profound passion for education. Ms. Johnson’s warm, upbeat spirit makes her an exemplary teacher and a pivotal part of the school family. She is truly an inspiration to all at Pomo Elementary.

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Jenni Ingram

Mrs. Jenni Ingram possesses a unique blend of passion, drive, and the ability to cultivate positive relationships, setting her apart in the teaching profession. Every day is filled with the harmonious sounds of music as the band students embark on their journey of musical exploration and growth.

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Angela Stevenson

Throughout her tenure at Cobb Mountain Elementary School, Ms. Stevenson has exemplified professionalism, maintaining a positive disposition and providing invaluable contributions to the school community.

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Mara Hesterberg

Ms. Mara Hesterberg strikes a unique balance of energy, preparation, understanding, patience, and resilience as the 7th grade STEM teacher. She has rekindled their excitement for learning, making her classes a joy for students.

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