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2022-2023 Teacher of the Year

Anna Sabalone

Ms. Sabalone’s leadership at Upper Lake High School has built co-curricular programs, Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial, allowing first-generation college-bound students to take rigorous courses and test their mettle on the regional and state stage. She can be counted on for her steady leadership, insight, and guidance.

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Joni Falkenberg

Mrs. Falkenberg empowers her students to be learners and gives them the confidence that they need to be successful in her classroom and beyond. She has made great strides with her students in recovering the learning loss that resulted from the pandemic. She is a true professional who leads by example.

Rachel Weidner

Ms. Weidner is committed to student success and puts her all into creating enriching learning opportunities through her project-based lessons and the culture of collaboration she instills in her classroom. Rachel loves being a teacher, a Trojan, and a KUSD Community member.

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Sandi Morton

Mrs. Morton finds something likable about every student she interacts with. In doing so, students quickly develop faith in their mathematical abilities. Sandi cleverly weaves real-world lessons into her impactful mathematics instruction.

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Jon Prather

Mr. Prather is the best kind of teacher: rigorous with his standards but patient with the process; silly and ready with a joke but serious when the moment calls for it; focused on creating independent learners but ensuring these same learners that it’s ok to ask for help. Most of all, Mr. Prather is kind, authentic, and humble.

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