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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

In a nationally sponsored research project, Dr. Anda and Dr. Feletti discovered a strong correlation between childhood abuse and subsequent adult diseases including diabetes, obesity, depression, hepatitis, alcoholism, heart disease, fractures and suicide.

For people who experience four or more types of adverse childhood experiences, such as child abuse, the likelihood is increased by:

  • 1220% that they will attempt suicide
  • 1030% that they will be injection drug users
  • 740% that they will be alcoholics
  • 220% that they will smoke
  • 160% that they will be severely obese

Abuse Leads to Addiction

  • A male child who has six types of adverse childhood experiences is 4600% more likely to become an injections drug user
  • 78% of drug addiction in women can be attributed to adverse childhood experiences
  • “…the major factor underlying addiction is adverse childhood experiences…” *

*Source: "The Origins of Addicition: Evident from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study," Vincent Felitti, MD

The Lake County Children’s Council has conducted a local study on ACEs and surveyed the community. Our ACEs scores are high in Lake County, surpassing the state and national averages.

The Children’s Council is committed to raising the awareness of ACEs in our community and providing services for the public to address their childhood traumas and promote healing.

Find information and resouces on our Resource Page.