Article III: Meetings and Attendance


The Council shall meet at least nine (9) times per year. The Council shall conduct an annual organization meeting each September for the purpose of electing officers, reviewing attendance and filling vacancies. Dates and locations of meetings will be set at this meeting and reviewed every fourth month. Additional meetings, including public hearings, may be scheduled by the presiding officer as needed. All meetings will be properly noticed and open to the public.


Members may be removed for cause or because of absence or absence without notification in accordance with the following criteria:

Removal for Cause:

  1. Cause shall be defined as a determination by the Council that the member is unable to effectively represent the categorical seat to which he/she is appointed due to change of employment or status that substantially alters the member’s qualifications which were present and considered in making the initial appointment.

Removal for Absenteeism:

  1. If a member is absent for more than (3) consecutive regular Council meetings without notification, and after a good faith effort by Council staff to contact the member regarding absences, the member shall be considered to have resigned.
  2. A member with a substantial pattern of absences (more than half of the regularly scheduled meetings) may be removed from membership. Removal Process: Council staff or a Co-Chair shall recommend to the Council the removal of any member(s) based on cause or absence. Removal of a member shall require a majority vote of the Council, a quorum being present.]


All meetings requiring action by the Council will achieve a quorum of at least six (6) voting members.


Each voting member shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the Council. There shall not be voting by proxy or other indirect representation.

A majority of the voting committee members present at the meeting at which a vote is taken is required to carry an item.

Voting by show of hands or voice vote on any matter, except an election, is acceptable unless a Voting Council member requests a roll call vote be taken.

Members shall not participate as a voting member if such member has a vested interest (financial or personal) in the outcome of the issue being voted on. Records shall be kept of action and roll call vote.


On any question or point of order not contained in these rules and regulations, the council shall be governed in its parliamentary actions by Roberts’ Rules of Order.

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