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Foster Positive Relationships

Here at the Lake County Office of Education, we are all in the education business. The ultimate outcome of our efforts is to prepare children to become contributing, thinking, caring members of our community and the larger society. It is about preparing educated young adults for success. Key to this effort is developing and sustaining positive relationships with students, parents, teachers, school staff, administrators, and our community.

Positive relationships are the only way we can assure lasting impacts for our efforts to support youth, families, schools, and districts.

Positive relationships lead to improved teamwork. When people know one another well, they are much more likely to work well together. It takes effort to maintain relationships, but team members who already know, like, and respect each other may be more willing to collaborate for the betterment of the project.

Positive relationships enhance trust. Which advice will you listen to more, the one from someone you don’t really know, or the one from someone you engage with regularly, both socially and professionally? Of course the latter.

Be their friend and care about them, and I’m sure they will listen to you and respect your opinions.

Positive relationships are good for your health. We spend a lot of our time at work. Getting to know your colleagues makes work a better place to be. Our relationships at work can have an impact on job satisfaction, learning and using our skills, staff turnover, morale, taking time off, and even our quality of life.

Whether your efforts focus on students, parents, staff, teachers, administrators, or the community, take the time and effort to build positive relationships.