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Graduation Matters

High school graduation matters for many reasons, from securing employment, to moving on to higher education, to setting a positive role model for other family members. High School graduation is an important step in our young adults’ lives.

In today’s economy, future employees need to be prepared for a highly competitive job market. Having a high school diploma is no longer optional. It is necessary. Most job opportunities in the skilled labor force require at least a high school diploma. Most employers will not even consider hiring a candidate who does not have a high school diploma.

We all must earn money to pay for necessities such as housing and food, as well as creature comforts. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those without a high school diploma are the lowest paid employees in our country, and have the highest rate of unemployment. High school graduates can continue on to vocational school or college, which can lead to an even higher income.

Whether someone wants to be a positive role model for society, their community, or younger siblings and cousins, obtaining a high school diploma is an honored achievement. Studies show that students who graduate from high school have higher self-esteem, feel more confident in pursuing a career and are proud of their achievements.

I encourage you to support the efforts in your family and community to help every student graduate from high school. 

Brock Falkenberg
Lake County Superintendent of Schools