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Fentanyl Awareness

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Brightly-colored fentanyl, referred to as rainbow fentanyl, has been identified as a new and dangerous trend according to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Rainbow fentanyl can be found in many forms, including pills, powder, and blocks that can resemble sidewalk chalk or candy. Any pill- regardless of its color, shape, or size- that does not come from a health care provider or pharmacist can contain fentanyl and can be deadly.

The Lake County Office of Education staff are working in partnership with local agencies to get more information out to the community about the dangers of fentanyl to keep students and families safe.

Fentanyl is 80-100 times more potent than morphine and 40-50 times more potent than heroin and, as a result, is a major cause of overdose for unsuspecting individuals.

Drug traffickers are contacting Lake County children through many social media platforms and apps. Parents and caregivers need to be educated on current drug threats to be able to have informed talks with their kids.

The statistics for Lake County on Opioids as of 2020 are: 

  • 17 opioid related deaths
  • 45 opioid related ER visits
  • 12 admitted to a hospital
  • 46,211 opioid prescriptions

Tips for parents and caregivers:

  • If you find any pills, do not touch them. Call local law enforcement for removal.
  • Encourage open and honest communication.
  • Explain what fentanyl is and why it is so dangerous.
  • Stress not to take any pills that were not prescribed to you from a doctor.
  • No pill purchased on social media is safe.
  • Make sure they know fentanyl has been found in most illegal drugs.

Speak with your student about this information so they know the risks and dangers of buying or sharing prescription medication and that these pills are out there. 

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