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Outstanding Teacher Award

Upper Lake, Calif. (November 10, 2021) - Congratulations to Erica Boomer, Upper Lake High School Teacher, for receiving the Carlston Family Foundation’s Outstanding Teacher of America Award.

The Carlston Family Foundation recognizes California public high school teachers who teach in disadvantaged urban and rural communities, while also helping their students rise above their academic expectations.

To be considered for the award, teachers must be nominated by former students who are currently enrolled in college or who have graduated from a four-year college.

Before being chosen, the Carlston Family Foundation conducted interviews with former students, colleagues and her principal at Upper Lake High School.

Ms. Boomer, who is a 2019 California State Teacher of the Year and the 2018 Lake County Teacher of the Year, is among four other California educators who will receive this award.

“We are proud of the quality of our educators in Lake County,” Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools said.

Learn more about the Carlston Family Foundation on their website.