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TLC Develops Workforce

(Lake County, Calif.) March 24, 2021 - Lake County Office of Education’s (LCOE) Teach Lake County (TLC) program has been working to improve the local work force and increase student outcomes for four years.

“The number one factor in student success is their relationship with teachers,” Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools said. “Good teachers are very important.”

There is currently a national, state-wide, and local teacher shortage.

The program provides an option for those already established in Lake County to get their teaching credential. This cultivates teachers who already have roots in the community and are more likely to stay.

“By training local residents to become teachers, it mitigates teacher turnover in Lake County schools,” said Falkenberg. “Less turnover creates more consistent and stable teacher/student relationships. Students are more successful."

The participants of TLC are employed as intern teachers during the day, while attending classes two nights a week. TLC also provides coaching from an on-site mentor, course instructors and supervisors.

“Graduates of this program have skilled job opportunities,” Falkenberg said. “By filling those positions with local residents, the program promotes economic growth in Lake County.”

TLC has Intern Credentialing programs for two types of credentials. This includes a certification to teach multiple subjects (transitional kindergarten through sixth grade) or mild/moderate special education.

“Right now, we are operating as a satellite of the North Coast School of Education in partnership with the Mendocino Office of Education, but we are applying for approval for Lake County to be its own accredited program. That means we could create a curriculum that addresses the specific needs of our community,” said Jamie Buckner-Bridges, LCOE's Teacher Development Coordinator.

There are two pay structures for the program. The tuition for a Multiple Subject Credential is $4,700 per year. For the Special Education Credential there is a grant that can reduce the tuition down to $1,200 a year.

To earn an Intern Credential, an individual must enroll in the Preservice Program. Enrollment for this program starts in the fall each year with courses beginning in January.

To learn more about Teach Lake County, contact Jamie Buckner-Bridges at or visit our TLC webpage