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Local Learning Hubs

The Lake County Office of Education will be offering Learning Hubs throughout Lake County to assist students and their families with educational resources.

This is a collaborative effort with the Lake County Office of Education, the local school districts and other partnering organizations such as the County of Lake Behavioral Health and community centers.

The Learning Hubs are open to grades TK-12th and can hold a various amount of students, dependent on the size of the location to ensure Public Health Guidelines are being followed.

“We want to provide kids with connectivity, a tutor to help them with learning if necessary and give them the social and emotional support that they need,” Cynthia Lenners, Deputy Superintendent of Schools said.

Each hub will be accessible at various times and days of the week and will stay available for as long as necessary. A few of the participating centers include the Clearlake Youth Center, Lower Lake Museum, Spring Valley Community Center and Behavioral Health Offices.

“It is crucial that each and every student in our community has the resources they need to be able to learn and to do so effectively,” said Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools.

Each location will provide internet access, a site and school district representative, and if possible scheduled transportation and food.

All Learning Hubs will ensure any visitors complete a self-wellness check and sign in, provide the appropriate district with Attendance Reporting documentation, wear masks and deep clean once a day.

Learning Hubs will start becoming available as soon as Sept. 16 and continue to roll out as more locations and staffing becomes available.

“COVID-19 has brought and continues to bring numerous obstacles to Lake County. With Learning Hubs in place, we can work through some of these challenges,” Falkenberg said.

For a list of what is offered and all participating agencies, please visit our Learning Hubs webpage. 

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