Rebecca Davis-Lawler

  • History Teacher | Clear Lake High School | Lakeport Unified School District

    Becky Lawler is a hardworking and dedicated teacher that is 100% committed to meeting the needs of all students in her classes. Year after year, Becky is ahead of the game when it comes to utilizing technology to enhance student engagement and promote learning success. She has the ability to create interactive lessons that connects content and course standards in meaningful way that appeals to today's students. She creates a class culture that supports rigor and respect for high academic achievement amongst students.

    Becky has positively impacted students' lives in a number of ways. She teaches are students the value of integrity, dedication, and achievement. Mrs. Lawler takes the time to build meaning relationships based on mutual respect and trust with students.

    Beckly Lawler is truly committed to the teaching profession. She is self-motivated, dependable, and a lifelong learner herself. Becky provides high quality instruction and rigor in her classroom, while creating a welcome and safe place for students to learn.

    - Jennifer Scheel, Clear Lake High School Principal

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