Jennifer H. Pyzer

  • Business and Computer Teacher | Middletown High School | Middletown Unified School District

    It is my distinct pleasure and honor to spend a few paragraphs talking about Jennifer Pyzer.

    When you think of the “teacher of the year” one often goes to the Math or English teacher who makes their subject fun for kids. Maybe it’s the science teacher with a crazy lab coat who inspires students to love science, in essence teachers, from the “core” academic classes.

    The Middletown Unified School District teacher of the year was originally nominated for this honor by her peers. Other teachers see in Jennifer a commitment to the students and the culture of Middletown High School. She cherishes her environment and wants to be the best she can every day.

    When looking at this award recipient we look at what qualifies a person for a recognition and honor like this. For Jennifer the first thing that comes to mind is dedication. Jennifer is as committed to the students at Middletown High School as any teacher can be. She is there with a shoulder to cry on in the event of sorrow or loss, and just as quickly she will be there with life advice that often a student might not want to hear, but needs to hear.

    In her nearly three decades at Middletown High School, Jennifer Pyzer has made a positive impact on more students than any other teacher in the district.

    She works hard to build relationships with students, because in Jennifer’s world of education, relationships are what drive education. Jennifer looks to build the same positive constructive relationships with fellow staff members as well. In terms of staff, Jennifer is always on-time and professional in how she conducts herself while on campus. Her work is always on time and exemplary. She will always cross all of her “t’s” and dot all of her “i’s”, this attention to detail is hard to match. Her dedication is contagious to her peers; working with Jennifer makes everyone else a better professional.

    All of this from such a great teacher, does she teach Math or Science? Maybe she is an English Teacher? Wrong on all three, Jennifer Pyzer is one of the finest Career Technical Education teachers I have ever worked with in my career.

    Jennifer shows students that CTE is a gateway to a career after high school. She understands her laws and regulations, and makes sure every day that she is in compliance and pushing every student to achieve and develop their interests outside of the core subjects. Along these lines, Jennifer has been instrumental in working alongside me to develop our dual-enrollment offerings at Middletown High School, as well as in working with Woodland Community College to ensure that our program is as robust as it can be.

    In addition to this, Jennifer teaches with the highest character, and expects the same out of her colleagues as well as her students every day. Working with Jennifer Pyzer has pushed me to be a better school administrator, and I thank her for that.

    I know this nomination and award usually comes out of a more “traditional” classroom setting, but I can assure you that our teacher of the year is as good of a professional as any other teacher in the county.

    - Bill Roderick, Middletown High School Principal

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