Matthew Carpenter

  • English IV and Spanish II Teacher | Kelseyville High School | Kelseyville Unified School District

    Mr. Matthew Carpenter has taught at Kelseyville High School for 35 years. During this time, he has done an exemplary job teaching French, German, Spanish II Advanced, AP Language and Composition, Honors English, and English IV. He taught all of the social studies classes as bilingual classes in his early years and commented to me that each of his first seven years, he taught seven new classes.

    Matt has not only taught high school students, but mentored many young teachers for many years as well. He is a solid go-to-guy for other staff and administration as well. He has been Teacher in Charge (TIC) many times when the administration has been away.

    Former graduates always comment on how well they have done on written work in college, and how Matt’s tutelage has helped them not only in English but their other coursework. This success is due to Matt’s rigor in his classroom, expectations for students and attention to detail. Matt has the ability to bring out the best in each student, and he embraces a philosophy that focuses on the success and well-being of all students. He fosters student achievement through well thought out lesson plans that address the standards, and he has compassion for his students. He uses his great sense of humor to develop a great rapport with his students.

    Matt has taken on a wide variety of roles over the years at Kelseyville High School. He was our WASC team leader and helped coordinate the leadership teams, did the majority of the editing and writing to make sure that the school’s achievements and practices were well known and depicted an accurate representation of what and how we do things at Kelseyville High School. He has worked hard to make sure the accreditation process works well since 1998 when he chaired the first of five accreditations. He has been the testing coordinator for the last few years for the Advanced Placement tests, the SAT, and has helped with the CAASPP testing. He has done an outstanding job in all of these areas.

    Mr. Matthew Carpenter has a valuable impact on the Kelseyville community and is well respected by the community. He has had many students over his thirty-five years teaching in Kelseyville that have participated in the Lions Club Speech Contest. He has been a class advisor to countless students; helping with proms, homecomings, and many other activities both in and out of the school environment, while working closely with students and parents. He routinely volunteers to work the gate at our football and soccer games and other activities that require adult supervision. He enjoys talking with his current and former students, especially students' parents that he taught here at Kelseyville High School.

    - Mike Jones, Kelseyville High School Principal

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