Ron Raetz

  • Retired Teacher | Upper Lake High School | Upper Lake Unified School District

    Ron Raetz, a retired teacher, football coach, woodworker, Booster Club member, and Board member, is being recognized for his commitment to students and education around the Lake.

    Ron dedicated over 33 years to teaching at Upper Lake High School. In 1995, he was honored as the Upper Lake High School District Teacher of the year, and received the ROP Teacher of the Year award in 1997.

    He collaborated with the Coalition for Adequate School Housing to pass a bond in 1998 that was later used to improve educational facilities at Upper Lake High School.

    Ron also served as the Director of the Lights of Love project at Upper Lake High School. The goal of this project was to provide much needed lighting to the football field on the Upper Lake High School campus for students to utilize during school sports games. He organized the project from its inception in 2004, until its successful completion in 2014.

    His dedication to sparking positive change in the lives of students and teachers alike, motivated him to become a member of the Upper Lake Unified School District Board of Trustees. Ron also served as president of the Konocti Youth Soccer League for 10 years and served for 9 years as the Chairman of the Westside Community Park Committee.

    Ron Raetz has worked tirelessly to inspire and support student success in Lake County. His involvement with educational organizations, community projects, and initiatives, tell the story of a man devoted to the improvement of our local education system and the Lake County community as a whole.

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