Cheryl Graves

  • Administrative Assistant | Healthy Start | Lake County Office of Education

    Cheryl excels in every facet of her job. She has been an integral part of keeping the Healthy Start program on track.  She has developed a Budget Format For Dummies that reduces a lot of stress and headaches.  She has taken on new programs with me while learning different reporting systems and data systems along the way. 

    Our program has about 16 different funding streams; she keeps them all organized and up to date.  Fiscal Reports are submitted to the state in a timely and efficient manner.  She has been a blessing to have.  She is always willing and available to help her fellow staff members and maintains a high level of professionalism always". She keeps the Healthy Start gals organized and on track with LCOE and in so many other ways!

    You NEVER hear a complaint, or bad attitude from Cheryl. She likes to make sure we are all okay and is thoughtful and concerned if she is aware one of us is having personal struggles. "If the world could have more Cheryls, what a great world this would be!" She deserves to be recognized not only as employee of the quarter, but as employee of the year.

    - Ana Santana, Director Healthy Start

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