Traci Snider

  • Fiscal Services Assistant | Upper Lake Unified School District

    In Education, we are focused on addressing the whole child and meeting students’ academic and social emotional needs. At Upper Lake Unified School District, Traci is a role model, friend and leader on meeting the needs of all students and staff.

    Traci has an office, crunches numbers, places orders, reconciles accounts and makes a difference in the life of every staff member and student. Often when staff work in budget, they are out of touch with the classroom. Not Traci. Traci follows trends and knows what staffs need to start the school year or meet timelines. Traci does her job, making sure staff needs are met with supplies, orders and registrations which means students benefit and we all succeed.

    While all of this is very impressive, the character trait that makes Traci more than “a good employee” and makes her the Lake County Classified employee of the year is that she does all of her work and makes time to visit all school sites to ensure that their needs are met and to maintain her passion and commitment for classroom success at the staff and student levels. Traci is an individual who asks, “How are you?” and honestly wants the answer.

    Traci knows that any successful business, school or endeavor is built on relationships and trust. Traci stops to listen and cares to help. Traci is a model staff member who cares about fellow employees throughout the organization and does her job to make herself and others proud while supporting the social emotional component of being human. Some employees just “come to work”, Traci supports the organization as a whole and does it with a smile. Traci is the employee that we would like to duplicate, that we celebrate and that I, for one, appreciate and am thankful for.

    - Stephanie Wayment, Upper Lake Unified School District Principal

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