Dick "Digger" Oswald

  • Night Custodian | Terrace Middle School | Lakeport Unified School District

    Digger Oswald has worked as a custodian at Lakeport Unified School District for over eleven years. He is loved by staff and students alike.

    In addition to his daily task of keeping the campus and classrooms clean and safe, Digger is always willing to help teachers and students with anything. He never turns down a student that comes back after hours to get something they forgot in the classroom. He goes above and beyond the job description and never hesitates to accommodate a teacher request to move furniture for the 15th time, or to clean up after thirty 4th graders who made a gingerbread house mess.

    Digger has the ability to see things that need attention and just take care of them. He is self-motivated and willing to work hard to figure out any problem. In addition to helping teachers and students, Digger is the unofficial leader of the night crew. He always supports his fellow night custodians and can be found helping out with special events throughout the district.

    I am confident that every staff member would tell you that Digger is one of the best custodians ever. He loves his job, and the relationships he has built with staff and students are one of the major reasons he was selected for this honor.

    Jill Falconer, Lakeport Unified School District Superintendent

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