Robert Reil

  • Culinary Arts Teacher, grades 9-12 | Lower Lake High School | Konocti Unified School District

    Mr. Reil has been a teacher within the Konocti Unified School District for three years. He is highly sought out by both students and parents to teach culinary. He is a leader within the CTE team and he was instrumental in the development of the KUSD culinary program and building partnerships with Woodland College.

    Mr. Reil’s classroom is a place where students feel welcome and can access a positive learning environment; students thrive academically in his classroom! One student was overhead saying, “He’s the BEST!”

    Mr. Reil has been described by colleagues as, “The teacher who goes the extra mile for his students.” He stays after school and works numerous weekend events to support his students.

    Once a student has had Mr. Reil as a teacher, they become invested in the world of culinary. Many continue on at Woodland College and take culinary classes there.

    Much of what Mr. Reil takes time to instill in his students he learned from mentors and teachers along his own path to success. Some of his guiding principles he shares are the following:

    • Success will come if you don’t focus on the obstacles that seem so sure to block the way.
    • Don’t be a victim of your circumstances.
    • Be aware of the wake you leave behind as you carve your path forward, for others will surely follow.
    • Be a leader in your community and advocate for the downtrodden.
    • Be brave and fearless with your learning and don’t be afraid of learning new things.

    Mr. Reil is a leader within the CTE department. He attends every training that our district offers. He seeks our new teachers, supports them, and collaborates to share ideas to help them be successful. He meets with his team regularly to develop meaningful lessons and is the definition of a “collaborative teacher.”

    Mr. Reil has been nominated as teacher of the year by his fellow teachers because he is well-respected on campus and by his peers.

    -Jessica Taliaferro, Lower Lake High School Principal

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