Jennifer Wangberg

  • 7th Grade Teacher | Lucerne Elementary School | Lucerne Elementary School District

    In the eyes of her students, peers and administration, Jen Wangberg is the epitome of an exemplary teacher. Her lessons are rigorous and well planned out with an emphasis on student engagement. She of all the teachers here has taken our AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program to hear and consistently uses AVID strategies to improve her students' college and career readiness.

    Her abilities with AVID are so amazing that our board of trustees has just recently appointed her to the extra duty of AVID Demonstration Teacher. In this position, she will continue to refine her already excellent teaching methods and vision to become a role model for other AVID schools and teachers to observe. Her efforts as demonstration teacher will help our small school in its efforts to become an AVID Showcase School with visitations to tentatively begin in the 2019-2020 school year.

    Beyond the academic piece, Jen is a master at what is now coined Social Emotional Learning (SEL). She was hard at it well before SEL became a new buzzword in education. She has worked diligently during her 11-year tenure at Lucerne Elementary School to ensure that her students have their emotional needs met prior to moving on to the academic ones. She instills in students of all ages that she has worked with the good social skills and character traits they will need to be successful in life.

    Her students have been encouraged to partake in numerous kindness challenges. The challenges have varied from placing inspirational messages throughout the school to providing others with well thought out compliments to brighten their day. She has been at this so long that her seventh grade students now call her the “Kindness Teacher.”

    The students here have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives. Jen managed practice Trauma Informed teaching before anyone else even knew what it was because it was in her nature. It was not different when she was teaching kindergarten or when she was Reading Intervention teaching, caring and kindness always came first and shined bright in all of the students she has worked with over the years.

    Her seventh grade class has made three quarters of the way through the year without a single office referral. She has done more to lower the suspension rate at Lucerne Elementary School than any program has ever done. Her students feel valued, cared about, and respected and give it back in return.

    Jen gives so much of herself to our small school district. She is our Administrative Designee, Athletic Director, Teacher’s Union President, Eagles Academy Coordinator, AVID team member, volleyball coach, and TUPE (Tobacco Use and Prevention Education) coordinator.

    Over the years she has filled the positions of BTSA mentor, PBIS team member, basketball coach, Schools of Hope director, Character Counts Coordinator, and Activities director. Each of these positions was carried out with the same desire to bring kindness and service to all others Jen is working with. Although one person cannot do it all, she has made a very gallant effort to do so.

    Mrs. Jennifer Wangberg is truly one of the best, most caring teachers I have ever known and I believe very worthy of the nomination for the Lake County Teacher of the Year. We could all learn something about the way we treat and care for others from Jen.

    - Mike Brown, Lucerne Elementary School Principal

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