Charlene Norwood

  • 2nd Grade Teacher | Upper Lake Elementary School | Upper Lake Unified School District

    Charlene Norwood (Char) is a humble, amazing teacher.

    Char cares deeply about all students and families who attend Upper Lake Elementary School. She builds great relationships with families sharing positive and challenging behaviors and progress.

    Char knows the importance of communicating to ensure success. She works to support the learning and success of students assigned to her with character building lessons and books.

    When students are challenged by following the rules, she works to remediate the behavior and connect with families to ensure the student is supported with positive character development at home and at school. Building successful citizens for the town of Upper Lake is equally as important as supporting students to meet and exceed California State Standards.

    Char is a familiar face to the families at Upper Lake Elementary School and is dedicated to the hard work that is required to integrate new technology, address and unravel new curriculum, and meet the needs of the new students fortunately assigned to her room.

    Char has mentored new employees and worked with less veteran employees, taking and trying their ideas and advice as well as sharing her own ideas. A huge asset to any grade level that she teaches.

    Char is one of the ULES (Upper Lake Elementary School District) and ULES (Upper Lake Elementary School) historians. The beauty and exemplary nature of Char that makes her stand out in this role is that she knows how it has “always been done this way”, but is always willing to consider new methods and ideas, and is a team leader for her colleagues to try new ideas, structures, and opportunities to benefit our students.

    When a suggestion is sent to staff, Char is one of the first to implement, read or reply, and reflect on how it can benefit the school. This is one small piece of the life long learner that Char is and the role model that she is not only to all ULES students but to the staff as well.

    Char has been and always will be a valued colleague.

    -Stephanie Wayment, Upper Lake Elementary School Principal.

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