Deb Lipari

  • Reading Intervention Teacher, all levels | Minnie Cannon Elementary School | Middletown Unified School District

    Deb is pure grace and professionalism. She always goes the extra mile, loves kids, and is extremely flexible. She is very fun, a good sport, is academically invested, well versed, and current. Deb is a key player at Minnie Cannon. She has great ideas and always has a positive outlook; she is truly a gem.

    Deb Lipari has touched the lives of almost every child that goes to our school and works at almost every school in the district. It takes a special person, kind, patient, caring, educated, and so much more, to work with children who have special needs. Deb, has all of these qualities and many more.

    She transforms our students into hard-working and confident children. Deb has worked not only as a mentor for our resource department, but as a reading specialist as well. Our school has benefitted from her expertise and our reading scores are showing it.

    She is not only involved in our schools, but our community as well. Every fundraiser, every school event, she has been there to support and donate. She runs a successful olive oil company as well as a bed and breakfast within our community.

    She teaches the benefits of farming to our visitors and educates them on the importance of farming towns like ours. Deb sees the beauty around us, and wants to share that with everyone she meets. She is always donating from her business to help support our schools and organizations in town.

    Deb has been one of the most flexible people at our school, having to move her classroom around to accommodate limited classroom space that happens at our small school. While some might get frustrated and give up, she just puts a smile on her face and says, “We can work it out.”

    Her positive outlook is something staff and students look forward to daily and her smile is contagious! She is passionate about everything that she does. Parents are always complimenting the positive impact she has made on their children’s lives. Deb Lipari is an inspirational person and teacher.

    - Brandy Fischer, Minnie Cannon Elementary School Principal

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