Zane Jensen

  • U.S. History Teacher, 8th grade | Terrace Middle School | Lakeport Unified School District

    Zane makes history come alive for his students. From marching into battle as Civil War soldiers, to digging the trenches of World War I, Zane’s students are always actively engaged in whatever he is teaching. Zane consistently creates dynamic and fun lessons for his students. The energy and enthusiasm that he brings to the classroom is infectious and allows the love that students have for history to grow.

    Zane’s teacher “battle-cry” is student engagement. He believes that an engaged student is a happy and truly productive student, so he has tirelessly devised lessons and experiences that create high student engagement for 8th grade History. He uses regalia, simulations, and multimedia presentations to keep students continuously engaged. Mr. Jensen is widely regarded as the best teacher that Terrace Middle School has to offer. His kids KNOW history whether they are high achieving or not.

    If the primary mission of a teacher is to promote learning and curiosity, then Mr. Jenson most positively represents the highest level of the profession. On top of this, he is a professional. He has great relationships with students while maintaining the boundaries necessary to have a well-run learning environment.

    Students on campus look forward to being in his class and his simulations and projects have become a part of the school’s culture. As this is written, there are student-made World War I propaganda posters all around campus that our staff signs to give feedback on persuasiveness.

    -Scott Johnson, Terrace Middle School Principal

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