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About Teach Lake County

What Makes Teach Lake County Different?


In Lake County, we understand the challenge of finding a credentialing program that's affordable, accessible, and engaging.

That's why our programs are 100% synchronous and online. Teacher candidates get the best of both worlds- engaging instruction and connection without prohibitive travel.


Lake County knows wildfire, poverty, and limited resources. TLC's curriculum is embedded with trauma informed practices so teachers are prepared to meet students' needs.

Teachers in rural, high-poverty schools need training aligned to the unique needs of the community. We believe all children can learn and flourish and teachers need training in how to support all students.


TLC cares for our teachers so they can care for kids. Support is always a quick phone call or email away. Candidates build relationships with all program staff and have one-on-one support meetings with the Director each year. Instructors, supervisors, and mentors are all current educators and readily available to help. 

Coursework, test preparation, one-on-one counseling, transcript evaluations, and a lending library ensures you have all the resources you need to pass state assessments (CSET, RICA, TPA).


TLC’s tuition rates are highly competitive compared to other online credentialing programs. We believe rural teachers should not face a heavy financial burden just because they live in an isolated area. With the Golden State Teacher Grant, candidates can pay for their full TLC tuition with additional funds remaining to put toward a master's degree or other educational expenses. 


TLC graduates are eligible for an exclusive third-year, synchronous, online Master of Arts in Teaching degree through a partnership with Jessup University. Jessup honors units completed in Teach Lake County so candidates can fast-track their masters degree. This masters degree opportunity paves the way for future opportunities, salary increases, and professional growth. 

What Does it Mean to be an Intern Teacher?

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing created the Intern teacher pathway to help solve the state-wide teacher shortage. Interns have the opportunity to work as the teacher-of-record while simultaneously earning their credential over a two to three-year period. The Intern pathway supports the urgent staffing needs of schools while also providing the teacher candidate an income while earning their credential. 

Since Intern teachers do not yet have a preliminary credential, there are specific supports that must be provided by the employing district and the preparation program. 

This includes: 

  • Weekly mentorship from an experienced district-employed teacher
  • Weekly district-provided professional development 
  • Observations from a program supervisor every three weeks
  • Credentialing coursework, taken in the evenings after teaching hours, that provides candidates the knowledge and skills to earn a preliminary credential