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Teach Lake County

"We believe all children can learn and succeed, but not on the same day in the same way.  We built Teach Lake County to provide teachers in rural communities with the tools and support they need to ensure all children have that opportunity."-Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools


Teach Lake County is a convenient, caring, and customized teacher preparation program designed for teacher and student success in rural, high-poverty schools.

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What We Do: Teach Lake County provides 100% online, synchronous teacher preparation programs for teachers serving in rural, high-poverty schools. 

Why We Do It: We believe the most powerful tool in education is the classroom teacher. When teachers are well prepared and supported, students thrive. People who live in rural communities need an affordable and accessible pathway to earn a teaching credential when universities are too far or too expensive.  

Mission: Teach Lake County’s mission is to prepare rural teachers to serve all students.  

Vision: Teach Lake County aspires to end the teacher shortage in rural schools by providing all children with a caring and effective credentialed teacher. 


Rebecca Walker
Deputy Superintendent
(707) 262-4152

Jamie Buckner-Bridges
Director, Teach Lake County
(707) 262-4134

Deni Dillsaver
Administrative Assistant
(707) 262-4104

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