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Lake County Cascading Hazards

Lake County has experienced a succession of natural hazards in the last 15 years, with several major wildfires, drought, and floods.

In this pace-based unit, students in grades 6-10 interact with local poetry, stories, and datasets to gain a deeper understanding of the risks of hazards in this rural northern California community.

Students will learn about the social and systemic factors that increase vulnerability to hazards, and get the opportunity to develop ideas on how their community can become more resilient to these hazards. 

This curriculum was developed with the support of a team of scientists, local emergency managers, and law enforcement officers working in Lake County to reduce the vulnerability of disadvantaged communities to the impacts of wildfire-related cascading hazards. Learn more about the project and the findings on the project website

The unit has four lessons and is expected to take about eight 50-minute class periods to teach. 

View the four lessons


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