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Educational Services

Teacher Support

The focus of Educational Services is on improving student achievement in Lake County through leadership and partnership with our local school districts.

Many initiatives and programs come under the Educational Services umbrella, which include:

Educational Services is an important and prominent department within the Lake County Office of Education.

Lake County Strong Curriculum

A partnership between the Lake County Tribes and the  Lake County Office of Education (LCOE) has resulted in a new curriculum dedicated to the history of the Lake County Pomo.

View the Lake County Strong Curriculum if you are interested in using it for your classroom and to view topics covered


Rebecca Walker
Deputy Superintendent
(707) 262-4170

Aaron Carter
Senior Director - Teaching and Learning
(707) 262-4185

Stacie Ulatan
Director - Student and District Support
(707) 262-4129  

Jamie Buckner-Bridges
Director, Teach Lake County
(707) 262-4134

Michelle Greb
Data Analyst
(707) 262-4148

Carly Swatosh
Learning Support Specialist
(707) 262-4163

Jennifer Kelly
Learning Support Specialist
(707) 262-4119

Kim Ferguson
Learning Support Specialist
(707) 262-4183

Rosario Morris
Learning Support Specialist
(707) 262-4141  

Holly Ari
Administrative Assistant 
(707) 262-4170  

Deni Dillsaver
Administrative Assistant
(707) 262-4104

Victoria Kursa
Program Assistant III
(707) 263-5819

Isabella Meo
Program Assistant III
(707) 262-4120 

Cydney Greb
Student Data Technician
(707) 262-4150

Regina Weese
Program Assistant II
(707) 262-4145

Yvonne Oldbury
Program Assistant II
(707) 262-4143