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When you hear or see the word “bloom” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Here at the Lake County Office of Education, when we hear the word “bloom” we think of our community’s children blooming into the best they can be through engagement and interaction with the most important people in their lives – their parents and families.

Our goal is to inspire families to use simple techniques with their young children to prepare them for school through reading, games and fun conversation so they can start their education right, and prepare for their bright futures beyond the classroom.

The first step is to like and follow us on Facebook at Lake Bloom.  We’ll be doing a lot of things through social media to make it easier for busy parents! You’ll find lots of tips, tricks and things to do with your young child. But most importantly, you can become involved in the Bloom community, and win FREE books – just by doing fun things with your little ones.

But remember, talking, playing and reading with your newborn to 5 years old is the best way to prepare them for success throughout their education!


LCQC Director
(707) 262-4162

Marilu Garcia
LCQC Coach
(707) 262-4159