Early Learning Pods

  • The Lake County Child Care Planning Council is now offering help in creating Early Learning Pods
    An Early Learning Pod is a cohort of no more than six children and one designated adult per child where socialization days are set. This allows children to interact freely, play and potentially have learning days with focused curriculum.
    Early Learning Centers have downsized recently due to COVID-19. This created a need for parents with children ages 0-5 to find other ways to prepare their children for kindergarten. 
    To learn more about Early Learning Pods, visit the About Learning Pods Webpage.

    COVID-19 and Early Learning Pods

    Each small pod will consist of children and parents that have designated socialization days with developmentally appropriate activities and also follow the CDPH guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. 

    Early Learning Pod Levels

    Different levels of Early Learning Pods offer different materials. The Lake County Child Care Planing Council has set up three levels of participation. To learn more about the different levels, visit the Learning Pod Levels Webpage.

    Materials include but are not limited to:

    • Dry erase board kits
    • Math kits
    • Gross motor kits
    • Art supplies
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Age Appropriate Book Library