What is Title IX?

  • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”) is a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in all educational programs and activities, including athletic programs. No person shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity operated by the Lake County Office of Education, hereinafter referred to as “County Office(s)”. Title IX protects all participants in the County Office’s educational programs and activities, including students, parents, employees, and job applicants. The County Office does not discriminate on the basis of sex. Discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment and sexual violence.

    In addition to Title IX, the California Education Code prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in schools. (California Education Code §§ 220-221.1) Other state and federal laws also prohibit discrimination and ensure equality in education. Please refer to:

    • Board Policy 5145.7 – see BR 5145.7 ‘Sexual Harassment Policy / Complaints’
    • Board Policy 0410 – ‘Nondiscrimination’
    • Board Policy 1312 – see BR1312.1 – ‘Uniform Complaint Procedures for Discrimination and St/Fed Regulations Concerns’
    • Board Policy 4144.00 – see BR 4144.00 ‘Complaints Concerning Employees’

    Student Specific:

    • Board Policy 5145.3 – ‘Nondiscrimination’
    • Board Policy 5145.7 / Superintendent Policy 5202 / Superintendent Resolution 5202.1 – ‘Sexual Harassment’
    • Board Resolution 5145.5 / BE 5145.5 – ‘Bullying, Intimidation and/or Harassment’

    Employee Specific:

    • Superintendent Policy 4030.00 – ‘Nondiscrimination in Employment’
    • Superintendent Policy 4040.00 – ‘Sexual Harassment’
    • Superintendent Resolution 1312.1 – ‘Uniform Complaint Procedures’

    Title IX information provided here applies to every school site and to all County Office programs and activities.


  • Melissa Reese

    Title IX Coordinator
    Human Resource Director
    (707) 262-4100