Economic Impact Aid

  • The Economic Impact Aid (EIA) program was a state categorical program for kindergarten through grade twelve. This program is no longer funded and no longer reported in the Consolidated Application Reporting System (ConApp).

    As of May 2018, LEAs with carryover EIA funds were mandated to transfer such funds into their general, unrestricted funds (SACS Source Code 0000). These funds must continue to meet the intent of the original requirements, which include providing additional English language acquisition programs, support and services for Limited English Proficient students (LEP), and providing State Compensatory Education (SCE) services for Educationally Disadvantaged Youth (EDY) as determined by the local educational agency (LEA).

    The Lake County Office of Education's EIA can be found on the Fiscal Services webpage.


  • Michelle Buell
    Assistant Superintendent
    Fiscal Services
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    Dennis Shannon
    Assistant Director
    Fiscal Services
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