Taylor Observatory

  • Taylor Observatory / Norton Planetarium is a program of Lake County Office of Education, located beneath the dark skies of Lake County, in Kelseyville California.

    The facility features a 36 seat classroom, a 16 inch research grade telescope under a dome, a 32 seat planetarium with a 6.2 meter (20 ft.) domed ceiling and an Epsilon Model Digitarium Star Projector System.

    The Taylor facility also boasts over 10,000 square feet of outdoor space and is well-equipped for students, teacher workshops and the general public to experience Science and Astronomy.

    The Taylor Observatory is open during public events. During the new moon each month, there is a "Windows to the Universe" public event. Please visit the events calendar on the Friends of Taylor Observatory website to find out more.

    School field trips should be booked through Elisa Prather.

    Use of the facility for other meetings should be reserved through the Lake County Office of Education.


  • Elisa Prather
    Education Specialist
    (707) 262-4183

    5725 Oak Hills Lane
    Kelseyville, CA 

    Taylor Observatory
    c/o Lake County Office of Education
    1152 S. Main Street
    Lakeport, CA 95453