Teach Lake County

  • Teach Lake County is a multi-faceted program offered by the Lake County Office of Education in partnership with the Mendocino County Office of Education, designed to provide training, coaching, mentorship and affordable certification pathways to support permit teachers and teacher credentialing.

    Teach Lake County (TLC) offers a unique, local perspective in order to best address the specific needs of our student population. 

    Teach Lake County supports your path to becoming a teacher at each step.

    Visit Steps to Becoming a Teacher to view an info graphic.

    • If you are a permit teacher in Lake County, TLC provides mentorship, quarterly workshops, an intensive summer Teacher Institute, test preparation, and credentialing advisement. 
    • If you are an intern teacher in Lake or Mendocino Counties, TLC provides local intern programs for mild/moderate education specialists and multiple subject teachers. TLC’s intern curriculum is designed to prepare local teachers to support the needs of our student population and build camaraderie with other new educators.  TLC also supports interns by providing test preparation, grant opportunities, and credentialing advisement. Currently, this intern program is offered as a satellite of the North Coast School of Education
    • When you have earned your preliminary credential, Teach Lake County serves as the liaison between your school district and the Induction provider to ensure you always have local support.

    Teach Lake County opens enrollment into the Preservice Program each fall with courses beginning in January of each year. Preservice is the prerequisite coursework required to earn an Intern credential. If you are interested in our program you can: