Anna Sabalone

  • Art, AVID, Academic Decathlon, Humanities Teacher | Upper Lake High School | Upper Lake Unified School District

    Anna Sabalone's leadership at Upper Lake High School built co-curricular programs, Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial, allowing first-generation college-bound students to take rigorous courses and test their mettle on the regional and state stage.

    Upper Lake High School continues to see the benefits these opportunities provide our students because graduates come back and share their stories or, even better, come back to Lake County and pay it forward in whatever capacity they can.

    In addition to leading co-curricular programs, Anna always stepped up to support the school's needs when it came to teaching various courses.

    Ms. Sabalone holds multiple teaching credentials and was always willing and able to step in each year to fill in where needed, all while maintaining the Art program, Academic Decathlon and Mock Trial.

    Anna's students are excelling in college and beyond and it is not uncommon for graduates to stop by to "See Ms. Sab." She helps all students get to college no matter their circumstances, which is why she was asked to start the Upper Lake High School AVID program.

    Ms. Sabalone is getting good at asking questions and seeking feedback from folks within the organization.

    Ms. Sabalone is a transformational leader. Her school and team can count on her for steady leadership, insight, and guidance.

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