Sandi Morton

  • Math Teacher | Clear Lake High School | Lakeport Unified School District

    Sandi Morton finds something likable about every student she interacts with.

    In doing so, students quickly develop faith in their mathematical abilities and understand the importance of mastery of essential life skills.

    Ms. Morton cleverly weaves real-word lessons into her impactful mathematics instruction.

    For example, advocating for help when needed; learning to communicate about abstract concepts; taking responsibility for one’s positive and negative contributions to a larger whole; and having confidence in oneself as a person, not just as a math student.

    Ms. Morton’s lessons are relevant and thoughtfully planned at a pace that meets the learning needs of varying students within a classroom, and she protects instructional time to ensure opportunities for remediation and/or acceleration right on the spot.

    Students and colleagues find Ms. Morton to be a sincere, approachable, and dedicated team player.

    In recent years, the Lakeport Unified School District has struggled to hire teachers who have experience working with significant numbers of high-needs students. This statewide teacher shortage has left students with substitutes or administrators to cover classrooms.

    Specific to LUSD, middle and high-school students have grappled with an absence of mathematics instructors which, in turn, has affected students’ abilities and overall academic performance.

    During the 2018-19 school year, Ms. Morton was teaching 5th grade at Terrace Middle School. After some good, long, hard thinking, she took it upon herself to enroll in coursework that would position her to obtain the subject matter authorization.

    This undertaking was in addition to her full-time teaching so she would be able to earn the credential required to teach mathematics and join the staff at Clear Lake High School in the Fall of 2020-21.

    While the subject matter at-hand was of interest to Ms. Morton, the big picture realization that someone had to step up to this “we-need-math-teachers challenge” may have been perhaps even more motivating.

    Ms. Morton is undeniably committed to this community and the students and families who comprise it; she wants to see Lakeport thrive with academic excellence coupled with civic engagement and awareness.

    Ms. Morton is a leader among peers at Clear Lake High School.

    Her big picture perspective helps others see through the more challenging moments of being a public school educator by modeling a healthy work-life balance, keeping a good sense of humor, setting high expectations for students and enjoying those she works alongside.

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