Joni Falkenberg

  • Math and Science Teacher | Mountain Vista Middle School | Kelseyville Unified School District

    Joni Falkenberg is a valuable leader on the Mountain Vista Middle School staff.

    She is the leader of the 7th grade PLT and has enthusiastically taken on the role of helping to guide the other three teachers in her grade level. They are all first-year teachers who are not yet credentialed.

    Mrs. Falkenberg has provided valuable support and knowledge to the 8th grade math teachers as well, who are not yet credentialed.

    The Mountain Vista Middle School 7th grade team is having much success developing our students socially and academically, and Joni is the driving force.

    Mrs. Falkenberg has provided schoolwide teaching strategies for our teachers at staff meetings, which has benefited teachers at all grade levels.

    She has been tasked with not only teaching her students, but much of our staff as well, and she has done a remarkable job.

    Mrs. Falkenberg empowers her students to be learners and gives them the confidence that they need to be successful in her classroom and beyond.

    In recent years, students have struggled in mathematics and Mrs. Falkenberg has made great strides with her students in recovering the learning loss that resulted from the pandemic.

    She addresses the needs of ALL students and guides them to be as successful as possible.

    Her students achieve an understanding of the math & science standards as is evidenced in our assessment-based grading.

    She goes to great lengths to make sure that all students are getting what they need, whether that be intervention or enrichment, to push them to exceed the standards.

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