Rachel Weidner

  • Math Teacher | Lower Lake High School | Konocti Unified School District

    Rachel Weidner exemplifies a strong conviction for the community, making education rigorous and relevant for her students at Lower Lake High School.

    Ms. Weidner sets the standard high and expects students to meet high expectations. She uses research-based strategies to ensure all students can achieve. Ms. Weidner has special education students and language learners.

    100% of her students completed the math project. 100% performed and received a B or higher mark.

    Her most recent project-based assignment with math students is a testament. Each team in her classes selected one of the nine Blue Zone principles to research. The research forced students to apply their statistics and probability knowledge while addressing a concern in the local community. The project also required the student teams to develop feasible solutions that were grounded in credible evidence. Some of the topics were:

    1. Our students' food diets
    2. Belonging at school
    3. Student involvement at school

    The students presented valid research, used academic math vocabulary, and offered doable solutions. For example, one team suggested that the school offer more clubs and advertise better so more students get involved.

    Mrs. Weidner teaches character and knowledge. The minute students walk into her classroom, they feel welcomed and important. Rachel makes math exhilarating, as one student exclaimed following the math project.

    Mrs. Weidner challenges students by teaching all the grade-level standards.

    Mrs. Weidner plans and prepares deliberately, building in scaffolds that allow all of her students to succeed academically.

    Mrs. Weidner has a classroom full of students with varying degrees of math levels. Yet she teaches in a way that all students find value and success in her class.

    Her will tell you that they even found math enjoyable now. One student further explained that Mrs. Weidner teaches in a way that you cannot understand. She gives examples and re-explains until you understand.

    Mrs. Weidner’s math classroom is a place where students get an education of the mind and the heart.

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