Rena Roush

  • Lead Teacher | Kelseyville Learning Academy | Kelseyville Unified School District

    Rena Roush is the reason why the Kelseyville Learning Academy (KLA) is so successful.

    When the Kelseyville Unified School District first opened KLA, there were less than 60 students attending. There are now over 140 students.

    Ms. Roush helped develop this fantastic homeschool program and works diligently with staff to ensure that it continues to grow. She is a master teacher by all definitions.

    Her students have high attendance, engagement, and academic achievement while learning from home. She looks for resources and programs to further challenge her high-achieving students. She provides in-person and online support to help her struggling learners.

    Most importantly, she leads by example. She has led the KLA staff to provide a more robust homeschool program for Kelseyville students. She provides Kelseyville High School with a better independent study program.

    Ms. Roush excels at developing positive relationships with students and families. She gets to know each of her students to provide them with a specific program designed to meet their goals.

    In December, a mini-graduation was held for a high school student at KLA. The student stated that she was already enrolled in college next semester and couldn't wait to start that next chapter in her life.

    She thanked Ms. Roush for all her help and said she couldn't have done it without her. This student's story can be repeated multiple times for multiple students. 

    Ms. Roush is well-liked and well-respected by all in the Kelseyville Unified School District and community.

    She is kind, respectful, hard-working, and funny. She is a team player who has stepped in to help teachers and administrators throughout the district. Roush has built strong, lasting relationships with staff, students, and families.

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