Kacy Mitchell

  • English Language Development (ELD) / Responsive to Intervention (RTI) Teacher | Pomo Elementary School | Konocti Unified School District

    Kacy Mitchell is always willing to help all students and teachers.

    When her English Language Development (ELD) partner teacher had to leave mid-year, Ms. Mitchell stepped up and took over all the ELD groups.

    She supports teachers by providing them with resources supporting ELD students in their classes.

    She organizes and tests over 230 students for the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). Ms. Mitchell volunteered to assist with Responsive to Intervention (RTI) and teach two Corrective Reading Groups.

    She was very kind and willing to take and learn two different Corrective Reading Groups. She is always ready to help any teacher and more than willing to help all students on campus.

    Ms. Mitchell has instilled a love of learning in over 50 of our students reading below grade level. She has taught them how to read and inspired them to want to read on their own.

    During her reading class, she had the students stop reading. The group of students continued to read. When Ms. Mitchell asked them again to stop, their answer was, "but Ms. Mitchell, we can't wait until tomorrow to know what happens in the story."

    Ms. Mitchell goes above and beyond for her school, the students, and the staff. Whether it is providing parents with resources to assist their students, holding professional developments with the staff, or helping students, she inspires all students she meets.

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