Farrah Alameda

  • 2nd Grade Teacher | Lakeport Elementary School | Lakeport Unified School District

    Farrah Alameda is a relatively new teacher who has grown tremendously.

    Ms. Alameda has taken on leadership roles and has increasingly participated in activities and committees. She is an active participant on our Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) team and a strong grade-level teacher-leader on the leadership team.

    Ms. Alameda is patient and responsive to all other students. She acts as an advocate for her students. She builds strong relationships with them, trying to address their academic and social-emotional needs.

    Ms. Alameda is very creative and skilled with technology. She is constantly researching and implementing new ways to engage with the students in her classroom. She does a great job integrating science and ELA, coming up with projects for her students, and organizing field trips that provide meaningful learning opportunities.

    An example of her creativity and initiative is the "enrichment wheel' that she created for her grade level. Teachers were encouraged to teach a subject they were passionate about, like art, music, photography, etc. The 2nd grade students then rotate to other classrooms to enjoy an enrichment activity from another 2nd grade teacher. Ms. Alameda initiated and implemented this rotation, and the teachers and students have all benefited.

    Ms. Alameda has been getting a lot of positive praise from her fellow teachers because they have seen her growth as a professional.

    She is a caring and committed teacher. Students and families that she works with appreciate her dedication and compassion.

    Ms. Alameda responds well to suggestions and coaching, participates enthusiastically in professional development opportunities and challenges herself to try new instructional strategies.

    Ms. Alameda earned her Teaching Credential through our local Teach Lake County Teaching Credential program.

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