Scott Ferguson

  • 3rd Grade Teacher | Cobb Mountain Elementary School | Middletown Unified School District

    Scott Ferguson is wildly popular with all the students at our school and knows each student by name. 

    Mr. Ferguson has a large class of 29 3rd grade students. Despite this, he manages to effectively meet all students where they are at in learning. 

    Mr. Ferguson is data-driven and models best practices with the rest of the teaching staff while holding high expectations for all students. He is fun, caring, and dedicated to his craft. Ferguson is an indispensable part of the Cobb Elementary School team, school and community. Mr. Ferguson is Cobb Elementary School.

    Mr. Ferguson is often out with the students at recess and engaging in fun physical activities.

    He brings energy and excitement to our school assemblies and always embeds music into our school where possible. Mr. Ferguson even helped create a new cobb school song that is sung at special school events.

    Mr. Ferguson instills a growth mindset approach with all students and focuses on positive redirection at all times. He is a coach, a friend, and most importantly, an ally to all students. 

    Mr. Ferguson is a neighbor to many and a fixture in the community and at many local events. He dedicates time after school to tutor students and always makes time to speak with parents to establish and maintain a strong relationship.

    Mr. Ferguson attends Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings, Site Council meetings and actively participates in weekly Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings to collaborate with fellow teachers.

    He regularly attends district board meetings and is front and center at many school-related functions. He is always looking to share his teaching practices. He works to grow his skill set while supporting any teachers who need help or guidance.

    Mr. Ferguson is always ready to lend a helping hand. He is an outstanding professional who is both visible and present. He is always willing to hear from parents and considers all sides to a discussion without imparting judgment. He brings people together and always maintains a positive attitude. 

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