Paul Holt

  • Math/Business Teacher | Upper Lake High School | Upper Lake Unified School District

    Paul Holt’s greatest strengths include his professionalism, innovation, commitment to serve, and collaborative team spirit.

    He is unique in that he brings out the best in his students and colleagues through a humble approach to the profession. Math had a significant transformation pre-pandemic and continues to evolve post-pandemic. Paul has led the charge and has not shied away from innovation despite the external challenges.

    One example of his talents is bringing his business experience to the classroom by developing a Dual Enrollment Business Pathway. Students who graduate through the Dual Enrollment Business Pathway receive high school and college credits.

    Another example is his leadership in transforming our Math 1 program with the implementation of The Modern Classroom Project. The Modern Classroom Project is an instructional model that empowers students to stay on track and master essential standards and critical math skills, regardless of prior knowledge, background, ability, or attendance.

    As one of the veteran teachers on campus, Mr. Holt’s willingness to learn, grow, be humble and reflective along the way are hallmarks of what he contributes to the learning culture we are creating at Upper Lake High School.

    Mr. Holt creates a learning environment that sets our youngest and most vulnerable students up for success.

    He teaches Upper Lake High School upper-grade students how to take the math they learned and apply it to real-world situations that set them up for success in college and careers. There are unique challenges to teaching each grade level in high school. Holt has found a way to create learning environments for each grade level that motivate students to tackle complex math problems.

    Mr. Holt arrived at the doorstep of Upper Lake High School in 2013 with a lifelong learner mindset already in place. There is no need to coach or convince him that educators must grow and evolve, which he brings to our learning community.

    His caring and humble approach to serving the community allows Upper Lake High School to transform into skills-based, mastery-based, standards-based teaching and learning with a deep commitment to ensuring that ALL students LEVEL UP.

    Mr. Holt is also a Book Club advisor, Academic Decathlon Assistant Coach, Site Council Secretary and Admin Designee when needed. 

    Mr. Holt is a skilled professional, a student-centered teacher, and a true teammate.

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