Jodi Mansell

  •  Instructional Coach | Lakeport Elementary | Lakeport Unified School District

    Jodi Mansell has been a classroom teacher for 30 years and has earned the love and respect of all her students and colleagues.

    She is skilled, highly intelligent, kind, compassionate, child-centered, tenacious with a spirit that can never be broken. She doesn't know the meaning of the word no. At every turn, she is willing to help students, parents, teachers and staff.

    Mansell is a teacher-leader and a master-teacher that helped to uplift others. She always gives her time to work on a multitude of committees such as the Reading/Language Arts Curriculum Team, standards-based report card committee, Lesson Study Model, Gifted and Talented Education.

    From the paraeducators and parents that worked in her classroom, to her colleagues and administrators, everyone has pointed out her quiet strength and calm and patient manner with students and her constant drive to improve herself as a teacher.

    She has inspired students to become teachers themselves and they have come back year after year to thank her. She is even teaching with some of those former students.

    Mansell is the ideal educator and she has modeled for so many others what an exemplary educator does.

    She works hard, manages her time well, brings joy to students, inspires others and works tirelessly to uplift herself as an instructional leader and maintain high expectation for her students while providing support and guidance.

    Year after year, parents want to have their children placed in her classroom because of her outstanding reputation of nurturing students and getting results with helping all students grow academically and socially.

    -Talin Tamzarian, Lakeport Elementary Principal

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