Michelle Mackey

  • 6th Grade Teacher | Minnie Cannon Elementary | Middletown Unified School District

    Mackey has been working for the Middletown Unified School District for 13 years.

    Mackey is kind, caring, energetic and a life long learner. She wants what is best for her students and treats them like they are her own children.

    Mackey can recognize when a student may need extra support with work. Student's from Middle School and High School come back to Mackey and let her know how thankful they are for having her as their teacher.

    Before the COVID-19 pandemic, she offered tutoring two or three times a week so that students could stay and get help or caught up on work. She builds great relationships with both students and their families, even during distance Learning. 

    Mackey has organized Science Camp for her 6th grade class for 10 years and has played a crucial part in raising the funds so that all students can attend. She works endless hours to ensure that the class has the money to make Science Camp a success. 

    She handled distance learning very well, keeping high standards for students. She took on a student teacher and was a mentor for four others.

    With distance learning, there was a lot to learn and Mackey stepped up and learned everything she could while having a student teacher observe for the first two weeks of school while having a student teacher with her for three months.

    Mackey has been a Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) support provider since 2015. This school year she has been working with four new teachers under the Peer Assistant and Review (PAR) Induction Program and LCOE Intern program.

    Mackey is honest and will do everything in her power to help each student succeed.

    -Brandy Fischer, Minnie Cannon Elementary Principal

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