Stella Winckler

  • 1st Grade Teacher | Lucerne Elementary School | Lucerne Elementary Unified School District

    For the last 32 years, Stella Winckler has created a learning environment that is kind, caring and very conducive to learning.

    For many years, Winckler was the District California English Langauge Development Test/ English Lanugage Proficience Assessments for Caslifornia (CELDT/ELPAC) Coordinator, assessing and then appropriating necessary services for our districts English Language Learner (ELL) students.

    She has coproduced Lucerne Elementary Schools yearly drama production. During this time she has single handedly appropriated costumes needed, often sewing them by hand.

    She supports each and every student activity over the years, allowing her to stay in contact with her students as they get older.

    Being a primary grade teacher she follows her student on as they progress through the years. She invites them back as Big Buddies to her current class, where they share their reading and math skill with their younger counter parts.

    At eighth grade graduation, Stella presents each of her past students with a packet of work and pictures that she has saved from the past.

    Furthermore, she attends their high school graduations to present them with cards and well wishes as they move on to the next stage of their lives.

    She effectively seeks out the assistance of support staff if and when a student is struggling and continues to advocate for them until they improve.

    Her peers respect her work ethic as she is usually the first teacher on campus and the last to leave. She is highly requested by parents who were her students in the past.

    -Mike Brown, Superintendent and Principal of Lucerne Elementary School District

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