Angel Hayenga

  • English Teacher | Upper Lake High School | Upper Lake Unified School District

    Angel Hayenga has been a member of the Upper Lake High School staff for 11 years.

    Hayenga is artistic, colorful, and brings a world of imaginative touches to her classroom environment and her approach to teaching English. Students learn much more than English in her classes. They become critical thinkers with an ability to “think outside the box”.

    Hayenga has a heart for those students who are most “at risk.” Her gift of encouragement has given many students the will to succeed, not only in her English class, but also in life. 

    Last year, she attended the California Association of Director of Activities in March 2020, right before schools were closed due to the pandemic. She came back with tools, connections and a vision for how she would lead and empower our students.

    Hayenga redesigned our leadership class to accomplish two goals:

    • Empower student voice and student leadership for all students on campus.
    • Grow student leaders to embrace a servant leader mindset.

    Hayenga had to rethink and reimagine how she would launch the redesigned leadership program with no students on campus when the pandemic hit. Here are the specific steps and products Hayenga took in her first year as Activities Director:

    • Embedded Homeroom Time and Activities to support connecting and relationship building Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
    • Cougar Shout Outs to build in peer to peer recognition
    • Daily Bulletin evolved to include more student voice in the content AND delivery.
    • Redesign of CLUBS to include 100% of teachers and 100% of students
    • Club meetings take place 2 times a month during HOMEROOM. Homeroom extended an extra 10 minutes to support Club Meetings

    She led her department to begin to implementing Smarter Balanced Interim Blocks (IABs) in their instructional assessment cycle. Leading standardized testing can be a challenge in any year, in particular a pandemic year.

    With her leadership, planning and foresight into what supports her department would need she was able to support her colleagues.

    - Annie Pivniska Petrie, Upper Lake High School Principal

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