James Wenckus

  • Resource Teacher | Kelseyville High School | Kelseyville Unified School District

    James Wenckus is a great representation of the educator profession.

    Wenckus has been teaching since 1993, which puts him in his 28th year of teaching. He builds each student’s academic skills so that they can succeed in all classes, and he teaches them responsibility and accountability in their education. 

    Kelseyville High School has had several students throughout Wenckus’s tenure that would not have graduated from high school without his effort.

    Many of Jim’s students have continued their education or entered the workforce with the skills needed to achieve and lead productive lives.

    One’s character is revealed under difficult circumstances, and the pandemic has certainly been difficult on all educators, including Wenckus.

    Wenckus has met the challenge of a new way to educate students and has turned what was once a weakness of his, into a strength. His challenge has been especially difficult as he teaches our Special Education (SPED) students.

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, Wenckus has spent countless hours learning to use technology to best serve the students. He is the epitome of being a lifelong learner.

    He also has the ability to hold students accountable for their learning in a positive manner and does not allow them to take shortcuts.

    As a result of Wenkus’s approach and dedication to his students, parents have developed a very positive relationship with Kelseyville High School. Wenckus has been an incredible example and even inspiration to the community and his colleagues.

    -Scott Conrad, Kelseyville High School Principal

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