COVID-19 and Pods

  • According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines, a cohort is a group of no more than 14 children or youth and no more than two supervising adults.

    An Early Learning Pod is a much smaller grouping of no more than six children and their designated adults.

    There are three different levels to help set COVID-19 guidelines when putting together your Early Learning Pod. These guidelines are set with the assumption that families are already doing:

    • Regular hand washing
    • Food safety
    • Honesty about illnesses
    • Transparent about travel plans

COVID-19 Safe Families Guidelines

COVID-19 Pod Rules and Protocols to Consider

  • How will high-touch surfaces and objects be cleaned?

    How will the pod set up an environment in which adults and children reward each other for following the pod strategies and rules?

    What are the expectations for behaviors of pod members during the pod sessions?

    How will adult pod members communicate with each other regularly?

    Will each pod member maintain physical distance from other pod members:

    • Only during certain activities?
    • Indoors? Outdoors? Both? Neither?

    How will pod members remember to avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth?

    Will pod members wear masks:

    • Will masks be worn if the activity is indoors? Outdoors? Both? Neither?
    • Will masks always be worn, or only when physical distancing cannot be maintained or not at all?

    How will people with Covid-19 symptoms be identified?

    What will members of the pod network do if they have Covid-19 symptoms?

    What will members of the pod network do if a health provider tells them they have Covid-19?

    What will members of the pod network do if they are exposed to someone who has confirmed Covid-19?

    What are the expectations for behaviors of the members of the pod network outside of the pod sessions?

    What are people doing outside of the pod sessions:

    • Wearing masks?
    • Physical distancing?
    • Hand-washing?
    • Limiting the number of close contacts with people outside of their household?
    • Do these answers differ if the in-person activity is indoors versus outdoors, or with family members or other contacts?