How do I file?

  • A student, parent, guardian, employee, individual, or organization may file a written complaint alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying on the basis of a protected characteristic under the County Office’s Uniform Complaint Procedure by sending a complaint to:

    Melissa Reese, Title IX Coordinator
    Lake County Office of Education
    1152 S. Main Street
    Lakeport, CA 95453
    Phone: (707) 262-4100

    Read the Lake County Office of Education Uniform Complaint Procedure.

    If you need assistance putting your complaint in writing, please contact Tracey Newell at her email address, You may file a complaint anonymously, but the County Office’s ability to investigate and respond may be limited by a lack of information.

    You may also file a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. You may submit an electronic complaint form to the Office for Civil Rights.

    Contact the Office for Civil Rights at:

    San Francisco Office
    Office for Civil Rights
    U.S. Department of Education 50 United Nations Plaza
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: (415) 486-5555
    Fax: (415) 486-5570; TDD: (800) 877-8339

    For information about how to file other types of complaints and the procedures for those complaints, please contact the Lake County Office of Education at (707) 262-4100.

When do I file?

  • A complaint alleging unlawful discrimination or retaliation must be filed no later than six months from the date the discrimination or retaliation occurred, or six months from when the complainant first learned of the unlawful discrimination. The Superintendent or designee may extend this timeline by up to ninety (90) days for good cause, upon written request by the complainant setting forth the reasons for the extension.


  • Melissa Reese

    Title IX Coordinator
    Human Resource Director
    (707) 262-4100