Janiece Stuckert

  • Child Care Food Program and Administrative Assistant | Lake County Office of Education

    This year’s Lake County Office of Education Classified Employee of the Year is none other than our Child Care Food Program and Administrative Assistant Janiece Stuckert!

    Stuckert was chosen as the LCOE Classified Employee of the Year for her outstanding support to staff and her above and beyond efforts responding quickly and effectively to questions and concerns.

    She has shown great initiative in finding information or providing support when asked and is always willing to take on a variety of roles confidently.

    One of her greatest accomplishments was coordinating with sites to prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) and locating a generator to save food supplies and program dollars.

    A day on the job for Stuckert includes, but is not limited to: responding quickly to program needs, record keeping, compliance checks, following up with staff concerns and coordinating with preschool and afterschool sites to ensure their needs met.

    “Since I started working at the Lake County Office of Education, there has been an amazing change in the agency. We have become just as competitive as other organizations out there in regards to what we do and provide to the community,” Stuckert said.

    Some of what her collogues are saying is that she “continually goes above and beyond expectations, filling in as needed and is positive-solution oriented” and she has been “amazing this year making sure all our sites are taken care of in many different ways.”

    One of Stuckert’s challenges she encountered working at the Office of Education was at the start of her career when she first took over the Child Care Food Program. This position was initially a part-time role, but when she obtained the position it became a full-time job.

    Not knowing what the job entailed when becoming a full-time position, it did not take long to realize there were a lot of moving parts to it. However, that did not stop her from adapting and overcoming these challenges to go above and beyond in her position.

    What helped her the most and continues to be one of Stuckert’s favorite things about her job is the amazing staff she works with. Working with all staff in the department and enjoying everyone she works with has helped push her to be the unstoppable force she is today.

    “We have a really, really good team here,” Stuckert said.

    Stuckert has been with the Lake County Office of Education for nine years and had the role of Administrative Assistant added to her title in 2018. She took the job after volunteering through AmeriCorps and was recommended to the position by Rob Young who at the time was the AmeriCorps Coordinator.

    “She is exemplary in her dedication, commitment to excellence, and leadership," adds Brock Falkenberg, Lake County Superintendent of Schools. "She always goes above and beyond."

    Congratulations again to our LCOE Classified employee of the year, Janiece Stuckert!