Phase 1: What will you be teaching?

    • Review applicable Common Core and Content Standards 

    Example: K.RF.2a Recognize and produce rhyming words

    • Decide upon the content and of your unit for the week (longer traditional units should be broken down into week-by-week content and activities). 

    Example: Students will work on recognizing and spelling -at words week 1 and -it words week 2.

    • Write a summative project directions sheet and checklist and/or rubric for students.  This project will act as the summative assessment for the unit or lesson, measuring student understanding of your Learning Objective. 

    Example: Students will write 3 rhyming words into their story about their favorite animal.

Phase 2: What are reasonable Daily Chunks of content for the students to access?

    • Consider what students will learn from each day’s work, and how they will demonstrate their knowledge and/or skills.

    Example - Day 1: Students will identify words that rhyme with -at by circling the correct pictures.

Phase 3: What activities will students do to facilitate their own (guided) learning?

  • Students may participate in each type of activity each day, or run through the sequence as they progress through a unit, or some combination. Build in opportunities for students to collaborate with each other, with family members, and/or with you.

    Families at home need a sample schedule to help them manage their time. Remember to include the days and times that you will check in with them.

    Give parents a kind note to help as they struggle through this. They are also feeling overwhelmed so giving them a small positive will help to create a strong learning community.

    Digital Information

    If you are making lesson videos for your students please make them short. Short videos are easier to download and view for the families.

    Age of Learning is free for Lake County families!  This includes ABC Mouse and Reading IQ.

    Parents will need to use a special code for Lake County. Please contact us at to receive a copy of the letter in either English or Spanish.

    To put paper resources online you can scan them from your phone.  For an iPhone use the Scannable app. For an Android phone use Adobe Scan app.

    Click on each image below for a list of activity examples.

Phase 4: What do Families need to know in order to support students this week?

  • Design a cover sheet for parents addressing the following information:

    Unit Title:  

    1. Suggested Time Commitment by Day

    Daily Schedule
    If you are using websites, give parents the link and the specific activity to do on the site.

    2. You student might need help with… 

    Example: Include all instructions and links to your videos 

    3. Answer Key(s):

    4. Teacher Office Hours and Contact Information:  

    Example: Email or call Mr. ABC with questions Monday-Friday from 2-6 p.m.

    5.  Where to go for parenting help and support: 

    Healthy Start:  Ana Santana (707) 289-4110 or